Dr. Tariq B.A.M.S, M.D

Dr. Tariq, a qualified ayurvedacharya, have done his bachelor degree in ayurveda from Delhi University and Masters in ayurvedic medicine from Jamia Hamdard univesity , Delhi. Presently, He is The CEO of Quality Herbals and spaecilize in Piles medicines.

Anthony F. Grasha, Ph.D.

Tony Grasha, a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Cincinnati, passed away in October 2003.

He was Editor of the PharmSafety Module Series and believed strongly that information on this Web site could help reduce dispensing errors.

For over ten years, Tony Grasha consulted and conducted research on the psychosocial factors that affect the performance and job satisfaction of pharmacists.

For his efforts, he received the Schwarz-Pharma Award from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores for demonstrating exemplary leadership and advocacy in community pharmacy.

He also received the Institute for Safe Medication Practices "Cheers Award" in recognition of his efforts to demonstrate the applications of his work to the practice of pharmacy in health care systems.

Kraig Schell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Angelo State University.

As a psychologist specializing in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Kraig Schell teaches, conducts research, and consults on a variety of organizational and psychosocial factors that affect people in the workplace.

While at the University of Cincinnati, he spent five years working on a variety of projects exploring task, cognitive and other psychosocial factors that affect performance in dispensing.

Michael O'Neil, R.Ph.

A former VP of Pharmacy Operations for REVCO, Michael O'Neill has worked as a pharmacist as well as a very effective manager in the industry for over 30 years.

He was an early advocate of the need to examine psychosocial issues and their role in dispensing errors within the industry.

He currently consults as an expert for the defense in cases involving pharmacists and conducts workshops on a broad range of factors affecting misfills.

Eleanor Vogt, R.Ph., Ph.D

Senior Fellow for Patient Safety at The Institute for the Advancement of Community Pharmacy.

She also served as a Senior Fellow of the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) at the AMA and is the creator of the award-winning NPSF Medication Safe Use Initiative.

Eleanor Vogt has been involved in producing several award-winning film and video projects related to pharmacy issues, patient safety and quality assurance, including "Spread The Word," "Prescription for Quality and Patient Safety" and "The Power of Words."

Her work as a pharmacist has included a variety of hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.