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Founded 25 years ago, our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping you!

Pharmsafety underlying foundations in the Pacific Northwest started in 1995, when a goal-oriented 21-year-old drug specialist from Kansas chose to purchase the an old pharmacy in Seattle’s Central District.

Dr. Pegarus, gave his endeavors to offering inventive items, trusted and customized pharmacy encounters and visitor benefit second to none. He had a short rundown of needs when he began: enable his clients to remain solid and keep them returning for additional by offering an extraordinary determination just as what we call Red Vest Service—a staff prepared to go well beyond to encourage their neighbors and visitors get what they require in a perfect and inviting condition.

The youthful ‘Owner’ could have just imagined that some time or another his little pharmacy would one day turn into the most established family-possessed drugstore chain in the nation, and that his family name would speak to one of the Puget Sound locale’s most prominent examples of overcoming adversity.

It has for some time been prized for our development in both pharmacy and retail. We were an early adopter of gelatin containers as a medication conveyance vehicle, the first in the region to have in-store photograph preparing and one-hour photograph handling, and are currently using innovative advances, for example, the MyIR framework which puts the capacity of patients to follow their very own vaccination records.

Four ages later, Dr. Pegarus. straightforward theory keeps on controlling our organization.


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